Find to your own ground note and learn how to center and strengthen yourself with it!

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What is a ground note?

Sound is the prototype of creation. The world is a composition of many oscillations. Tones are oscillations and they have the power to transfer unformed structures of earth and cosmos into a natural order. So as a human, as a part of these creative oscillations, we are merged in this universal happening, in the swinging orchestra of cosmos and we are tuned for life by our natural oscillation, the personal ground note. Despite similar oscillation patterns of people - and thus similar characteristic -, everyone is unique due to its influence notes.

With the Nada Brahma exercise sequence sang on the individual ground note we use the effect of tones getting into order to balance our emotions, our consciousness and our body.

The most fascinating thing is to become more and more acquainted with yourself in your true beeing by the help of the individual ground note. This takes place by inner experiencing of the ressonance ground note vibration in us, by sounding the ground note and further important intervals.

In addition there is the diving into the knowledge about the fact that each tone of the outside world forms an interval to our ground note. This interval relationship of the own tone to the many sounds of the environment decides on our attitude to humans, animals, plants - as a consonance or dissonance.

Ground note destining and Nada Brahma sound sitting

Ground note destining:

During an individual destining of your ground note on the basis of your voice, at the beginning I measure your ground note. In the discussion with you, you will get a view of the characteristics of your ground note. In order to have deeper and continuing experiences with your personal ground note, at the end I will give you a Nada Brahma exercise sequence based on your ground note, which you can practice at home with the CD or as a musician with the tuning fork. Become acquainted with your ground note by specific sounding. It is an instrument of healing power and transformation.

Nada Brahma sound sittings:

With additional dates I offer you an individual deepening into the work with your ground note, which can consist of singing tone prescriptions and scales, as well as rhythm, breath, exercises in visualization and consciousness or singing and learning healing songs (mantras).

Basically there are two cosmic truths: Sound and non-sound. However it is like that the internal sound only becomes obviously by the outside sound. That's the way it is.


Sounds can achieve:



emotional stability and balance

clearness in mind

spiritual development