Let your heart be touched and fortify your health by singing healing songs from different cultures and religions!

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What is a healing song?

A healing song means the same than the word mantra from the Sanscrit. It is a holy formula, which calls the all penetrating all-powerful highest One. It works with its oscillation. It can be a monosyllabic or a polysyllabic word, a sentence or a song with several lines. Each God name, each prayer, each God song is a mantra or can become a mantra. Its power depends on the constant repetition of the same, by voice or only in the spirit. The literal translation of the Sanskrit word is called: Which frees you, if you meditate over it.

Unity of the religions

Singing mantras, it is very important for me, that there are originated from different cultures and religions. Thus it will be clear, how widely used and how similar are the ways of healing around the world.

Loka samsta sukhino bhavantu

May all natures in all the worlds be happy!

What achieves a healing song?

Healing songs can be very different by their kind. There are very earthy, fiery and powerful healing songs, but just as meditative, tender, devoted and flowing healing songs (mantras). Always, if you attune yourself to a healing song, it can affects your heart and brings healing of the soul, body and spirit. A sung mantra continues to swing into the world and this can bring healing, too.

Singing promotes the health!

Usually who sings is merrily afterwards, because singing makes a good feeling. Referred to the body, by singing the entire breast area with diaphragm and lungs are strengthened and also the other organs becomes more energetic and vital. In addition singing promotes the concentration ability, the language ability and the social competence. The rhythmic accompanying to the mantra, e.g. clapping or drumming can connect the two brain halves and strengthens the bones.