If you know the secret of the tones, you know the mystery of the entire universe.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Evening meetings:

Healing songs from different cultures

Let your everyday life behind you and dive into the sound vibrations of the heart songs with your whole beeing , join into the singing, drumming or clapping or let you only feel the sounds inside yourself.

After the "Babybreak" probably it starts again in January 2009!

More detailed informations you will find here in some weeks.


Diving in mystery of sound of body and soul!

a 7 days basic seminar in Nada Brahma Sonology
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April 13th-19th 2009 in Bali

individual sitting:

Ground note destining, including a CD -- measurement and analysis of the gound note founded in the sound of your voice.

Rhythms, scales, visualizations, consciousness exercises, healing songs and mantras, singing of tone prescriptions.

Place: D-74336 Brackenheim (near Stuttgart) Germany or bevor and after seminars in seminar centres