If you know the secret of the tones, you know the mystery of the entire universe.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Diving in mystery of sound of body and soul !

7 days basics

in Nada Brahma Sonology

The science of ground notes

according to the Nada Brahma System by Vemu Mukunda

Feel the power of sound-vibrations in and around your body. Get a new vision of this vibrations with Nada Brama Sonology and use it therapeutically or in your everyday life. Get peace and let blossom your heart and your soul in the paradise of Bali.

The system of Nada Brahma takes up the old knowledge of resonances between the sphere of body, the vibrations of tones and the emotion. It is strongly associated with Ayurveda and Nada Yoga and it is the scientifical basis of sonology.

You will practice and get to know the following topics:

  • vedical science of sound and tone
  • keep balance and open the doors to healing yourself by sound and tone
  • the interaction of sound and body
  • the effect of rhythm connected with the sound of voice

Details of the seminar:

All informations during the seminar will be given in English.

Date: April 13th - 19th, 2009 (latest arrival at the day before the begin of the seminar)

Seminar manager: Jordi Neumann, trained Nada Brahma sonologist, since 2005 member of the German "Gesellschaft für Sonologie nach dem Nada Brahma System e.V." (www.nbsonologie.net), teacher for children, leads courses in special instruments and regular events of singing healing songs.

Location: Gaia Oasis at Bali. The lovely designed meeting place is situated in the middle of tropical parks at the virgin north coast of Bali directly at the sea, the holy mountains in the background. In a big palm grove are located the bungalows, a seminar hall, a restaurant, a swimming pool and a wellness area.

Seminar fee includes organization, planned trips and an event with music of Bali: in case of sign-in until December 28th 2008: 590,- €, after it: 640,- € (only if participation is possible)

Board and lodging: Comfortable double bungalows are available in the seminar centre, surrounded by gardens with mango trees and coco palms. More information: www.gaia-oasis.com
Full board 16,50 €.
Fees per person and day: double room 26,50 € (extra bed 17,- €) and single room 38,- €.

Flight: You must care about flight by yourself. Airport of destination is Denspasar. Please do not book the flight before the January 16th 2009 and until you have got the confirmation of participation!

Holidays: After the seminar you can spend there your holidays, can explore the isle, take part in organized excursions or at temple festivities of Bali, snorkeling at the nearby reef, participate in boat trips to the dolphins, etc...

For further informations you can download the entry form here .