If you know the secret of the tones, you know the mystery of the entire universe.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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My seminars enable you to get a first insight into the theory and practice of the Sonology according to the Nada Brahma system, a science of the healing by tones and the individual ground note.

Music does not know borders. It is everywhere free. Its contribution to the human and divine emotional integration could never be caught.

Sri Chinmoy

The Nada Brahma system forms the basis of the Sonology. The Indian physicist and musician Vemu Mukunda developed it from the spiritual knowledge and the tradition of its country.

It understands humans as a sound creation and sounding body.In the knowledge of the energy-controlled interaction of body and emotion, voice and consciousness he arranged exercises, which activate the self healing forces of humans and can assistance on the journey through life.

In my introduction seminars you experience, how you can center yourself in everyday life with the Nada Brahma exercise sequence. Further contents are practical exercises about breathing, consciousness, rhythm and singing specific scales.

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For Informations about the basic seminar in Nada Brahma Sonologie in Bali, april 2009 please click here.

The fundamental thought of the Sonology is that everyone has the potential in itself to express oneself and sound with pleasure. The voice is carrier of the sound and it can lead us back to our roots and to our very own characteristic qualities, besides it can heal.